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New Gun Range 

Sportsman’s Club offers new training option for Sheriff ’s Department

MANCELONA - The Chain O’ Lakes Sportsman’s Club has entered into a formal agreement with Antrim County Sheriff Dan Bean to provide the Sheriff’s Department with the use of the firearms training facility on the club’s property at 840 Peterson Road in Mancelona.

“Over the past six years the club has developed full pistol training facilities and pistol events which draw shooters from all over Michigan and as far away as Ontario, Canada to participate in organized competitions,” William E. Clark, Club Executive Board President said. ”These activities are based on tactics perfectly conducive to law enforcement firearms training and we feel we have an obligation to make them available to the Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement organizations at the Federal and local level as well. This is an important part of our obligation to contribute to area communities and governmental organizations.” 

The Sheriff’s Department has a well developed and professional firearms training program in place, but it has been restricted As to the scope of training available because of space and facility costs. “The Chain O’ Lakes Sportsman’s Club has offered us a large, well prepared, training facility for our sworn personnel,” Antrim County Sheriff Dan Bean explained. ”It is set up with both defensive and offensive training programs that will allow us the ability to hone our skills to a much higher degree than in the past. It will raise the level of proficiency and safety for our personnel as well as for the safety of the citizens of Antrim County. The facilities are excellent and much more than we could ever afford if we had to buy the property and construct them from the county budget. We are very grateful to be able to establish this relationship.” 

The Chain O’ Lakes Sportsman’s Club began in 2006 with the purchase of the 80 acre property by a small group of founders who pooled resources to get the club off the ground. It has grown steadily since then with additions and improvements every year including pistol, rifle, and shotgun Venues such as skeet and trap, a 50, 100, and 200 yard rifle range, pistol ranges, and organized monthly competitions in Cowboy Action Shooting, USPSA, IDPA, competitive 4-H archery, and small-bore silhouette.

This year will see the 3rd Annual D. A.R.E. Shoot, a charitable competition always held on the first Saturday after Labor Day. All monies raised are contributed to the D.A.R.E. program.Antrim County Officers, as well as officers and reserves from around the county and adjoining counties, join the civilian Antrim Sand Pit Shooters for this fun event. The annual event, an open competition between civilian pistol shooters and regional law enforcement personnel, was the brain child of one of the club founders,Eldon McPherson, and Sheriff Bean, and has grown in participation every year.

The club is open year round with shooting for trap and skeet every Sunday at noon, and also Wednesdays at noon in the summer months. Cowboy Action Shooting, USPSA, and IDPA Action Pistol each occur once a month on Saturdays during the summer. The public is welcome. More information is available at