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COLSC Rules & Regs

The Following Rules and Regulations are Critical for the safety and enjoyment of our members and Guests:     print


  3. Please keep the gate closed and locked while you are at the club when the club is not open to the public.
  4. Members and guest must sign in at the Kiosk when entering the club and sign out when leaving. Member MUST be present all while Guest is using range facilities. The Club Member will ensure guest completes waiver and pays all fees for guest use.
  5. When a Cowboy Action Shoot or a USPSA Shoot is in progress, the pistol bay closest to the storage trailer may be used, but not the other stages set up for the shoot.
  6. Rifle shooters may not use the 200-yard range unless approved by a Range Officer. No caliber below .204 Ruger on the 200-yard Range.
  7. The ONLY rifle shooters allowed to Practice in pistol bays shared by Cowboys and USPSA are Single Action Shooters Society - SASS Approved lead ammo, small bore .22 cal. and Pistol Caliber Carbines called PCC's used in USPSA events.
  8. Shotgun practice for 3-Gun is allowed at rifle range but restricted to lead slug use. No pellet-shot allowed on foam backers.
  9. Range Safety Officer approval to use 200-yard range.
  10. The 200-yard range is not to be used when a USPSA shoot is in progress.
  11. Skeet and trap are available only on designated shooting days, under supervision of a member of the Clays Committee, unless prior permission is obtained. * Portable launchers okay.
  12. Members may not hunt on COLSC property, only the Founders.


  1. Membership includes you, your spouse, and children under 18 living in your household, and dependent children over 18 attending college or vocational school.
  2. Members may bring a guest twice for the use of rifle and pistol facilities. After that, they must join. Unaccompanied non-members will be guilty of Trespass.
    Guest fee is $5.00 and guest must sign a Release Form in your presence. Release forms are at Sign-in Kiosk. Place $5.00 and the form in lockbox.
  3. Guests pay the non-member rate for USPSA.
  4. Non-members unaccompanied by a member pay the non-member rate for clays.
  5. During rifle sight-in days, members do not pay the per-gun sight-in fee.


  2. Remove all trash, spent shotgun shells, etc. from the premises.
  3. Please remove your paper targets from the range when you are done shooting and clean up your empty brass.
  4. Please do not allow children to climb the sand berms in the Cowboy & USPSA pistol areas. This reduces the height of the berms, making them less safe and in need of repair.
  5. Please do not re-arrange or shoot at, the USPSA and CAS target after they have been setup and painted for an upcoming shooting event.
  6. Only shoot appropriate targets on range or what you bring with you to set up. NO GLASS ITEMS - TIN/METAL CANS/OBJECTS MAY BE USED.
  7. Attach paper targets to any foam in appropriate area as to lessen the chance of hitting wood framing.
  8. Do NOT target numbering of rifle range lanes.
  9. Do NOT remove any steel targets from pistol area and shoot in rifle range. Unsafe. Hi-power rifle at 100 yards or less will destroy all our poppers and plates.
  10. Do not use jacketed or high-powered ammunition on the steel targets. Cast lead ammo only for Cowboy Action. Common copper/brass jacket ammo may be used for practice and USPSA shoots and on any steel provided in shooting bays.
  11. No exploding targets of any kind are allowed on the range.
  12. Loss of Membership for anyone who uses rifles* in any pistol area or anyone who shoots inappropriate steel targets taken from pistol area in the 100 yard rifle range.

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